Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

A symphony of the elements-

Is what I experienced when I was strolling through town today (I like to walk around town on a Sunday because there are only a few people about): A strong, warm wind blew from the east carrying scents of the wide Pannonian grassland plain, bearing intimations of far-off Central Asian steppes. Although the sun was shinning piercingly, it was also raining in a light drizzle while I was treading the light-grey stone pavement of the boulevard. I was completely enveloped by that curious and fascinating interplay of the elements.
Strangely enough, the people I scarcely encountered along the way seemed to be quite oblivious to that grand concert of natural forces; in animalistic self-reflexivity they tended to their children, discussed plans of business or looked into shop-windows to decide what to buy or not to buy in the near future.
Seeing all this made me understand a bit more of the world…it was quite beautiful.


Lisa hat gesagt…

Maybe they were part of the intermission(s)...or the wild notes that Nature tossed in to wake you up. :)

Laguna Beach Trad hat gesagt…

Sometimes we can see, or are afforded a look, everything is as it should be, even if for just a moment. Fortunate of you to have been given a glimpse.