Freitag, 14. Mai 2010

Weaving: I'm Mr Lila, too (reference to comment in last post)

I just logged in and saw a comment by my friend Lisa that led me to a picture of a fine actor wearing a (colour slightly distorted due to photo) seemingly violett/lila Trachten outfit. I just wore a Rajah-type tie of that colour today without knowing of that coincidence or synchronicity; or, in other terms: the purposeful imaginary interconnecting of seemingly chanceful events.

It is something that we poets do on a daily basis. The Indians have termed it 'weaving' or Tantra, some Persian mystics called it Suf, the weave or the stuff of which the world is made. ;) (pretty crazy, huh [of me to say this]...) .

Also today, I have again looked into that inspiring Hackett-book called Mr. Classic and came over this picture which reminded me of the fact that I wanted to buy a new bicycle.


Lisa hat gesagt…

Gorgeous color combination! My daughter's favorite color is purple and all shades in between purple.

In the movie the actor's coat is gray, but it does have a violet undertone to it, now that I think about it.

v. Braun. hat gesagt…

Haha, yes grey and brown is the traditional colour of those coats/jackets...I'll have to look into his performance, yet (thanks for the recommendation, there). :)

Lisa hat gesagt…

That's from "The Sound of Music"...hope you like musicals! :-D

v. Braun. hat gesagt…

I've heard that one often mentioned in Japan, too when I said that I was from Austria (lol) I should look into it finally!

Basically, I must admit that I don't like modern musicals too much, but I do enjoy a few pre WWII ones like 'Anything Goes' (or even 'HMS Pinafore' likest of which I reckon to be some sort of foreform of musicals).

See you around, Han.