Montag, 10. Mai 2010

The Traditional Latin Mass
Reverence, devotion and the beauty of Gregorian chant

The Church in the UK is in crisis –
collapsing numbers, closing parishes, an
ageing priest hood, lack of vocations.
Matters are made worse by the loss of the
young through faulty catechesis.
There are signs of hope as Rome attempts to
reimpose discipline and to encourage
devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist.
One of the most encouraging signs is the
rapid growth of the movement attached to
the Traditional Latin Rite of Mass (known
as the Extraordinary Form) and of the
priestly fraternities and monastic orders
devoted to spreading this rite. The average
age of their priests is astonishingly young.

I am and always will be Roman Catholic, and that’s my affair, but I have sworn that I will only rejoin mass and the Church when they will have rid themselves of all those modernists. I have never understood what these are whining about, anyway- as far as I'm concerned they could all join the Protestants! Then they [the priests] could marry, be super-worldly and modern (i.e. soon old hat) and celebrate wearing ugly, batik-printed jute-sacks, in concrete cubes with barren abstract interiors ('churches'), speak the plebeian languages of the day or attend yoga and Zen-lessons held by homoerotically charged Jesuit heretics who are dressed up in disgusting grey turtle-neck sweaters and crocs. [I have studied authentic Zen in Japan and can tell you those Jesuits of today are ignorant and worthless, also many of them are Masons]*

To me who has been born into that (RC) tradition and into European culture it applies that if religion and Christianity at all, then only in the form of Roman Catholicism (Anglican and the Orthodox Churches are ok, too, depending on ones birth-place)- anything else is absurd because too worldly too ugly and basically too unreligious.

* the Masonic ecumenical thinking actually stands behind those modernist pawns- namely that all religions allegedly 'are' the same and-God forbid!- if not, then they all have to be made the same, have to be reduced to their smallest common denominator.

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