Freitag, 14. Mai 2010

The Steyr Waffenrad (bicycle)

Wanting to buy a new bi-cycle, I was inspired by a man I saw in the city a couple of days ago. He was wearing a blazer, white trousers and a Panama hat which would have looked slightly foppish in this somehow charmingly provincial and rural town but because he rode a perfectly restored 1930s Waffenrad by Steyr, the predecessor of today’s arms-manufacturer Steyr-Mannlicher, he just looked great. Then, when I saw him, we still had sunny, clement weather here (now it’s raining and cold) and he was chatting with another bicycle-enthusiast just around the corner of the High Court for Administrative Law, as can be seen in this photograph:

Be that as it may, the bicycle I am looking for needn’t be a Steyr (it’s a bit of a fuss getting those spare parts since that company doesn’t produce bicycles any longer) but what I wouldn’t buy are so called Mountain-bikes with overly large tires or sports bikes (although I was presented one by Peugot when I was a child), nor anything with too much plastic or technique (too many gears etc.) attached to it. As pertaining the general aesthetic look of it, the Steyr Waffenrad is still my ideal, but my future acquisition needn’t be as fancy as the one that I saw the other day. It could be very heavily used, as long as it would be in working order, and it could also be by Puch, for example, or some other producer, even. Still, I think that I’ll have to look around a bit…

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