Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

Bow ties...?

Recently I'm honestly thinking about getting myself some bowties (well, for starters, I only had a monochromatic midnight blue one and a navy or light blue white-dotted one in mind). Bow ties are something of a rare phenomenon these days; they can be seen here and there in some fashion-shots but IRL, nada...I wonder how they'd fit me? Maybe not too bad cause in my wild, rambling days of (already) drunken and vigorous youth I sometimes used to wear a black one with cosi-detti smokings for evening wear and I thought that they did fit me quite well. Yet, to wear them in quotidian life, in broad daylight is another matter, maybe...?


Lacroix hat gesagt…

Yet I would not suggest the Jungmann bow ties, because of their shape.

Laguna Beach Trad hat gesagt…

I am not a fan of bowed-ties, but I concede they look fine on appropriate chaps.

v. Braun. hat gesagt…

I'm very undecided about them me (at this stage) they are something like pipes: every man ought to try them out at least once in life (I'm not of a pipe smoking-kind, as I have found out, although I do like the aesthetic of it and even the smell of good tobacco.)

Lacroix: Is that so? Thanks for the pointer, I'll have to check them out myself, yet but am grateful for the hint.