Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

For a rainy spring: scarf from Drakes

We had a very rainy season and this light scarf, along with my beige Barbour jacket as well as my navy Burberry one belonged to my trusted allies on walks through town. Now, I heard that it will get sunnier and warmer and I probably only will use this overly-long drapery on cooler summer evenings when drinking some wine between vineyards overlooking the Vienna Woods or as a lasso for girls. Anyway, I wish you a nice weekend (should you 'celebrate' it).


Lisa hat gesagt…

I would not mind getting lassoed with that! :-D

v. Braun. hat gesagt…

Well, the quality of the bait ought to correspond to the 'prey'...for you I still would up it a bit, though- (I just saw a very nice brown summer scarf with tiny black check-pattern-lines, as thin as a fairys whisper, at Hermès' store, the other day: that would be quite fitting!);P.

Lisa hat gesagt…

Hermè still, my heart!