Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

An Oasis of Civilization in a Desert of Democracy


Jane and Lance Hattatt hat gesagt…

Such a wealth of riches you have given us here. Three posts [and, who knows perhaps yet more before the day is out]in one day and the evening is barely upon us!

First, please can you advise us as to how long our lives may be extended if we only drink the wine without the spins and the press-ups? We consume at least the amount you suggest EVERY day, so surely this could be some compensation for the rather gruesome sounding exercises.

Secondly, although we are barely acquainted, we are certain that your fashion advice is absolutely sound. However, we have chosen to retire from public life, living we hope in relative obscurity in Central Europe. Perhaps, if we may be so bold as to make a suggestion from such a brief meeting, you could address the matter of how to develop an understated style in a future post in order that our English eccentricities may be better disguised.

Finally, we turn to the matter of the Castle. We wonder, Herr Braun, if, in the New Democracy in which we find ourselves that this most marvellous of buildings has succumbed to the fate that so many of our friends' houses have suffered, which is to become an hotel?

Thank you for following our blog.

v. Braun. hat gesagt…

Nice, I also try to lead a more 'obscure' life myself. I'm definitely no fashion expert but if you look at some of the BLOGs that I'm interested in, you would certainly find many amongst those.

Neuschwanstein could, as far as I know, be described as a public tourist attraction, nowadays.

I'm sure that you know that but the headline of this post is a quote from historian Percy Colson by which he characterizes your White's Club in London.

Red wine is certainly good but according to a survey I recently read it has the 'best' effects for your health when drunken in the relatively small amounts I stated and only if consumed daily, least of which shouldn't be a problem if one likes it!

Thanks for looking by, I'm looking forward to perusing your BLOG in the future, too! :)

La Sombra Sofisticada hat gesagt…

I like the title of this post. The castle ain't too bad either ;)