Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

Watch this, if you haven't done so already...

(Click the piccy for some of my fav music- also loved in Russian Mafia crics, I have been informed.)

I just remembered that I had a colleague in Japan who was Russian, he had inscribed himself at university there and maybe appeared only about two three times in one year. I heard in the bar where I was working part-time that he, together with an Australian guy, sold off luxury cars from Japan to foreign countries (mainly HK). We only had met a couple of times but we shared that similar sense of humor to such a degree that we had to permanently giggle like stupid teenage-girls when conversing with one another, or maybe we only found the others face funny or something, one never knows those things for sure. Anyway, this mutual sympathy was also the reason for him to invite me to work together after my year; of course, me being me, I completely sucked at this, like at any kind of 'job' so I quit after only a couple of days, maybe also due to the sometimes stressful nature of the business even though it was very lucrative; but also our co-workers had gotten very annoyed with our stupid jokes and laughs. A typical convo between us would have been something like this:
- And..(he, he)..are you not worried (he, he) that the 12 Ferraris we sent from Yokohama (hee) to Macau (he, he)are checked by IP?
* Niet, moi drook, (hjaw, hjaw), Chinas corrupt enough not to worry about (hjaw, hjaw), I hjave phone Pat in HK about this already...etc...(of course the content is fiction, only the laughs are true to reality).

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