Freitag, 16. April 2010

The Austrian Royal Warrant

Apart from very rural and down-to-earth products, I like to buy things that have a royal warrant since it not only speaks of their quality but they also often have an aura of a –sometimes otherwise lost- elegance to them. Fortunately I am living in a city that, as the former seat of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nations for nearly 500 years and home to the Habsburg emperors of Austria, not only possesses the insignia of that Reich such as the Holy Lance or the Ottonian Crown but that also has a rich variety of companies and workshops that once had provided the court with their goods. Some of my favourites are: Lobmeyr glass, Habig hats, Wilhelm Jungmann for cravats, umbrellas and fabrics, Scheer shoes or Bösendorfer pianos…here is a list of some others. Buy something from them and make us as glorious as we once were!

k&k Hoflieferanten.


Lacroix hat gesagt…

Unfortunately Jungmanns Ties are not made in Austria as one of the sales ladies told me once. Its a pitty that there is no austrian tie maker left since PHOENIX (TF & N) shut down their business.

v. Braun. hat gesagt…

You seem to be right. :(

'Sic transit gloria mundi'...