Montag, 26. April 2010

Pen and Sword II

Odin is the god of both poetry (writing) and war: on the one hand he is giving his eye for wisdom and hangs on Ygg, the world tree- a synonym of himself- in an ordeal that lets him discover the runes, and on the other he still is chief to the Aesir and commander of the Ones who are Fallen and Chosen in battle, of those he will lead in a fruitless attempt to overcome the forces of Fenrir at World’s End. What is often forgotten is the great melancholy and ponderousness of his character, his philosophical self-doubts, his compassion and his taking on responsibility as a leader even though he knows the futility of it all. He knows that all will eventually end and he even knows how because he has clairvoyantly foreseen it, already. Once he 'told' me something that has irreversibly imprinted itself on my mind: 'Every true warrior is also a poet, every poet a warrior.'

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