Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Notes on Poet- Fogey- Style:

- Scruffy brown jackets (2B, two-vented)

- Corduroy trousers (well-cut ones! baggy is English/country/weekend)

- Bordeaux-coloured loafers, also dark brown suede half-brogues by a good English maker.

- Only patterned shirts (solids are too solid/correct/serious, also: patterned and striped shirts have the aura of the eccentric; this can be slightly emphasized by the poet)

- If pocket squares at all, then only proper handkerchiefs [cf. the excellent books by Hardy Amies and Nicholas J. Storey]- my fav.: one with a Japanese poem printed on it!

- Argyle socks (even in tasteless Miami-colours although I haven't tried this one myself yet, I only own ones in classically subdued brown- and blue-tones, but this idea came to me spontaneously just now!)

- Some phantastick books that draw you into the chaotic realms of hypnagogic madness [my rec., today: Lovecraft (The Ancient Track), Kerényi (Dionysos), Clark Ashton Smith (The Last Oblivion) or even Gombrich's (Art and Illusion), Praz's (Romantic Agony) or Jung's (Der Mensch und seine Symbole)...


Hilton hat gesagt…

Where is Pater's Studies in the History of the Renaissance?

v. Braun. hat gesagt…


Hilton hat gesagt…

I have acquired Dionysus for my home library. Thank you for the recommendation, sir.