Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

A Romantic Vision of Old Europe

Some people only learn to realize and appreciate the worth of their own culture by viewing it through the romantic, idealized vision of someone from outside of it. Miyazaki Hayao does a good job, there!


しんいちろう hat gesagt…

First time when I visited europe, I looked back on it with nostalgia. because I have been great fan of miyazaki anime all the time. 日本人はそういう人多いです。(^^)

Hilton hat gesagt…

Are you familiar with the work of Philipp Blom? This excellent scholar of the Enlightenment resides in Vienna.

v. Braun. hat gesagt…

しにちろう: Another one that related to me that Old Europe-feeling very well was Lupin III- The Castle of Cagliostro ルパン三世カリオストロの城もこういうところでとても楽しかったです。

Hilton: no, thank you for the hint. I looked into him on wiki just now and some of his books' topics sound good to me, indeed! [e.g. the one about 'collecting'(Sammelwahn) as I am interested in this aspect of cultural history, as well as in its early forms such as the 'Kunstkammer'/art-cabinet or the studiolo]...'Danke!!'