Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

Waterville Jackets

This exclusive North-Italian firm makes nice coats and jackets for late fall and winter. The aesthetic resembles somehow the Barbour-line but with a more elegant cut.

I’d also recommend them to my American (and British) friends both female and male if you can get them over there, or else: it’d be another good reason for visiting the continent.

They are good for storming into a liquor-store before the long weekend and telling the Central-Asian Turk-folk clerk who obstructs your passage and tells you to please take care, Sir that it is he who should take care of the customers. Disgusting if people have no manners, no culture cause then one has to recur to the international language of greed. God, I hate this modern economic primitivism! Anyway, Waterville jackets- buy them!


The Viceroy hat gesagt…

von Braun,

I am all for Waterville but, I am afraid, pretty much everything you write has the air of a blasé parvenu rather that of the old aristocrat you purport to be. Try harder or don't even try.


v. Braun. hat gesagt…


v. Braun. hat gesagt…

I accidentally and quite unintentionally deleted your last two comments that I just saw when checking my mail but I'm glad that you like the recent blog entries. Sorry, best wishes, vB.