Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Some Knitwear for the cooler season:

From bottom to top by maker: Alan Paine, Loro Piana, Pringle, Knize, Peter Scott, A. Paine for Harrods, Boss Orange, Pringle, N.N. (cut out the label long ago), Barbour, Dalkeith, N.N., RL., most are Lambswool some cashmere...I also have or had a very heavy one from China that a friend from the province of Gansu once gave me but it is nearly unwearable in Europe; you could go outside wearing it when there are minus -10°C and wouldn't need a jacket..


Gentleman's Gazette hat gesagt…

Which one is your favorite sweater and why?

Is one of the green ones a
lovat green?

v. Braun. hat gesagt…

Maybe the fourth or the sixth from the top is that Lovat green (?). My fav is maybe the Dalkeith since its the oldest and most comfortable one (it also has one or two stitched holes), I have had it for maybe more than 20 yrs, yet it is a bit baggy; for other occasions I like those that fit tighter, or are thinner...