Montag, 11. Juni 2012


Recently I went to the new Hilfiger store in Vienna on a Saturday. I wore very old fucked up clothes: a 20 year old washed-out red polo shirt by RL, some tailored navy corduroy trousers and old dark brown suede moccasins from Timberland, some too stodgy and already unfashionable auburn-coloured Ray Bans.

 Until a short time ago I had thought not too favourably of TH but both the new line and the nearly impeccable behaviour and manners of the employees at the shop have changed my mind. I finally bought some bordeaux red Weejun loafers and while I waited, some nice assistant not only offered me a drink but the friendly vendeuse-upon returning with yet another item to show me- also shoo-ed off the persistent society-photographer who wanted to take pictures of me (they had some re-opening celebration at that day with several models and I obviously fit 'in'). I'm extremely shy and dislike any such public stuff and would I have known, I'd never have come there, but as I said: the girl who sold me those shoes was highly professional which unfortuantely is a rare phenomenon nowadays. Good company, there.



Anton Moonen hat gesagt…

So you're a top model now!
Félicitations! Champagne !
Salutations sincères puis j'adore votre blog!

v. Braun. hat gesagt…

Haha, scheint so. ;)

I have always enjoyed your various writings, they continuously contain some fun suggestions and inspirations for ones life!

Best regards, v.B.