Montag, 31. Oktober 2011


Robert Graves

'A poet is a person who lives and thinks in a certain way. A poet doesn't necessarily write poems. It is simply an attitude, and there are a great many more poets around than meet the eye. I think about one person in 20 is perhaps a poet. The ones who are not poets expect something of what they think is poetry, which I don't propose to give them. What I write is for people to understand who are on the same, as they say, wavelength as myself. I don't write for an audience at all really: I write for myself. But the audience is presumably there.'

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Casino Royale

Now, that the money from my small inheritance is dwindling, instead of working or filling the fountains of my family-château with black ink like the Marquis de Brunoy, I thought about taking up my old, lucrative past-time of gambling again. My brother-in-law who is a banker in Tokyo is well versed in this department and knows many casinos around the world. He even travels abroad not to see the sights or to get a taste of another culture but only in order to visit those aleatory establishments. I, who am actually quite fond of culture and art should find this behaviour disgusting but cannot help secretly admiring him for his non-caring attitude. Last time he even went to Venice and saw nothing else than the airport, the taxi his hotel and the casino on the Canal Grande. Maybe I could get some tips from him. For further preparation I will also reread Dostoyevsky’s The Gambler to avoid any graver mistakes.

Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

The Blood Is Sacred

I've been watching this entertaining and admittedly kitschy vampire-drama series recently. It's fun although American all-too American (Puritanical with an over-sexed rebound and an often cheesy dialogue although it has one of the better depictions of vampires; and you can believe me there since I am very knowledgeable about this 'myth'):

Here one can watch the aired but not-yet released 4th season: "O-M-f-ing_Gawood, as those Amis" would say ;):


I really always liked - especially the aesthetic of- the comic (and also the old cartoon) called Tintin. Now there seems to be a new CGI-movie out that is very much propagated and that- I must admit- I do not plan to watch due to its extremely ugly looks. There certainly are very well-made computer generated things out there these days also in the form of video games, but as far as I am concerned a Tintin film would have been much better either in real-life format with authentic 1920s/30s costumes or as a well-executed animation à la Hayao Miyazaki.