Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010


I will take a break from this BLOG as I’ll move on to some other studies in the coming year. This present one was much fun for me, concerning myself with style, clothes, drink and other material and Dionysian addictions along with problems of intelligence, politics and sensibility. At times it was a 'close shave' that brought me not only to the edge of life and death but also to the border of sanity yet helped me to better define and circumscribe certain limits of the human form and experience, apart from bestowing me with such side-effects and accidental advantages as developing a high tolerance for alcohol, increasing my practical aesthetic skills and even heightening my physical fitness. I would like to thank everyone who read this space and those who I read for giving me insights and inspiration.

In the interim, I’m leaving this place in the custody of Apollo (see post below). My best wishes, Bromios.

Self-sufficient and free like the sun-

Like a thermonuclear power generator locked into an infinity-loop, as the modern poetical myth called science would express it: Today man strives for self-contained hyper-individualism. In his love for liberty he is mistaking and mingling old metaphysical concepts with his academic pseudo-religions, thrown back upon his feeble self by overly populated, chaotic social conglomerates.

The digital age was proclaimed and the Muses wept when script that is culture, was denounced as an unimportant atavism, a thing of the past while I as their lord and leader can only laugh at such fancies as we gods ride on solar winds and create poetry from galactic mists that we form into concrete and well-defined shapes (cause only form is beauty!), we create with and from nature itself! But can man do as we do- can he, envisioning opium-dreams of monadic nomadism realize and make actual this unbound freedom?

To me such endearing attempts are nothing new. Did the mortals not try to match even Me in contests of music and beauty? And the reason for my severity in the punishment of such hubris was not conditioned by cruelty but by my debt to artistic expression that prospers when its lines and the boundaries of the spheres are distinct and clearly defined and when no man impedes the splendour of the gods by trying to make himself Our equal.

So for man this freedom cannot be attained with him still remaining man in all his bestial and compassionate confines, with all his spiritual and imaginary limitations that constitute the foundations of his natural beauty; (but neither is he Satyr or demon, either).
In this day and age I am reminded of my own Titanic blood by some of man’s efforts wherefore I bade my sister to chastely sit beside me and judge and watch from this higher sphere the strive of those human forms: on most who rise up to us we may train our arrows but to a few I might reach out my hand in advice like I once did to the heroic son of Thebes who was Argos' Glory. But thus shall the prophecy be divined: a score will rise unaided and supplant Our Father like he and his brothers once had supplanted Their Titanic forbears.

Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Hornblower and Sharpe's Regiment (and self-imposed idleness!)

Trying to avoid the general Christmas-craze, I holed myself up at home with a bottle of vodka, two cans of caviar and these two British history-dramas. I have only watched the first episodes of each [vide infra], but the stories seem to be set up quite well.

Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

The Lost Tools of Learning:


Some interesting ideas there.

The 'medieval' Trivium (grammar, dialectic, rhetoric), part of the Septem Artes, as seen in relation to child psychology and development with the phases of: wanting to know- criticizing- interconnecting. University graduates at the age of 19, starting to learn Latin at 6. Why not? It could be better than (it is) now!