Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2010


I will take a break from this BLOG as I’ll move on to some other studies in the coming year. This present one was much fun for me, concerning myself with style, clothes, drink and other material and Dionysian addictions along with problems of intelligence, politics and sensibility. At times it was a 'close shave' that brought me not only to the edge of life and death but also to the border of sanity yet helped me to better define and circumscribe certain limits of the human form and experience, apart from bestowing me with such side-effects and accidental advantages as developing a high tolerance for alcohol, increasing my practical aesthetic skills and even heightening my physical fitness. I would like to thank everyone who read this space and those who I read for giving me insights and inspiration.

In the interim, I’m leaving this place in the custody of Apollo (see post below). My best wishes, Bromios.

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