Freitag, 30. Mai 2008

Some old pic.

Just some old picture-photograph I came upon just now. Its from 1923 and the girl on the very right whose head is embedded in flowers, is my grandmama *1916, the guy in the seat next to the driver is my great grand father. In 1919 the new democratic republic had abolished noble titles, but strangely the family did very well, then. One day my gg father came home with a gleeful expression and shouted: "Imagine- what I just bought? A charming nice little café near Schönbrunn castle!", my gg mother who held court in her bed that she nearly never left cause of hypochondry and sickness after her father and husband had forbidden her to pursue a career as an opera singer, chided: "Now I'll tell you only once, Anton! You will sell it again tomorrow!"

He also got another sportier car btw and was quite famous for his reckless driving...gotta run now..

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Cool photo,great pick!